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Salient Features of PairTrading product

  • Displays a set of pairs which are highly correlated, belonging to the same industry sorted by co relation descending order.
  • By default the first pair is selected, also pairs can be selected from the grid provided.
  • For the selected pair the price ratio is displayed and other details related to the pair are displayed.
  • Integration with external provider for displaying end of day charts.
  • Integration with for intraday chart and also news flow on the particular stocks is available.
  • Special Filters and search capability are available to filter pairs on different trading criteria’s.
  • Auto refresh feature is available for the Pair Ratio which will update regularly based on market real time data.
  • There is an auto update of prices at end of day data from NSE, so that the prices ,price ratio and other statistics are calculated on actuals.
  • Select All Feature – opens a popup window which lets us examine the Ratio chart of multiple pairs simultaneously and lets us to add to favourites or trades.
  • Filters available for Favourite pairs , Traded pairs.


Screenshot of the Product

Pair Trading Tool screenshot

Pair Trading Tool screenshot
Pair Trade Management Tool screenshot
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