Disclaimer: These trades are our proprietary trades to be taken in our account. Be aware of Market risks before replicating us and myMarketStrategies or its founder will not be liable or responsible for any of your loses. this is for Supply and Demand trading education purpose only.
1. DIT refers to Daily trades ( Intraday trades), WIT refers to Weekly trades, MIT refers to Monthly trades
2. Please download and use this TradeSize/Quantity calculator to determine the quantity based on Capital and Risk for Intraday trades/MIT Long trades Quantity Calculator
3. Enter all intraday orders preferably After Market Orders if your broker supports or first thing after the market opens at 9:15 am if its a Type 1 ( Set and Forget Orders). If its mentioned as Type 3, then these are confirmation orders. You need to wait for Price to enter your zone and leave. We have inbuild software that tracks the market for Zone entry and triggers orders. Please check "Trade status" to see if our software has Executed the trade
4. All Executed Trades to be squared off at 3:00 pm manually if they did not hit Target or Stop Loss. Avoid Broker auto squareoff, in the event of a technical glitch a short position can be subject to Exchange Auction resulting in significant loss (20% penalty)
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