Disclaimer: The below trades are our proprietary trades to be taken in our account. Be aware of Market risks before replicating us and myMarketStrategies or its founder will not be liable or responsible for any of your loses. Disclaimer : Click me
1. WIT refers to Weekly trades (Short term trades), MIT refers to Monthly trades ( Medium term trades)
2. Please download and use this TradeSize/Quantity calculator to determine the quantity based on Capital and Risk for WIT/MIT Long trades Quantity Calculator
3. Disclosure: All the below Levels are the outcomes of our Research & Analysis and would be the Basis of our Proprietary trades and are available free of cost for a limited period of time. Trading involves High risk and is not suitable for everyone.
4. The below trades takes into account some of the Best Practises in trading such as Only CASH positions,No leverage, Every Trade has a STOP LOSS, Every trade has a TARGET, RISK:REWARD of 1:2, Use the quantity calculator to determine how much quantity to enter for each of the trades based on the Capital

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