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If you are searching for a better way to trade the stock market then you have come to the right place. We are a SEBI Registered Research Analyst  


At myMarketStrategies, we offer Intraday Stock Market calls(our own Proprietary Trades) for Equity and Future segment in NSE, based on a strict methodical rule based supply and demand strategy which has an Edge


We try to identify potential prices at which the Institutions would be buyers or sellers and imitate their actions. Our trading style is based on Set and forget. We “Plan the Trade and Trade the Plan”


Rule-Based Trading Systems


A rule based system is one which precisely defines a trade set-up, determines exactly how much money will be placed on the trade (position size), as well as what the risk and profit will be.

Basically, once a trade signal occurs, a stop and profit target are placed (which may possibly be moved based on other rules) and there are no further decisions to make. The trade stays on until either the stop or profit target have been hit, or in the case of binary options, the trade expires.


The advantages are that you can precisely define your risk and reward. You know exactly when to take trades, and once the trade is on, there is nothing left to do.


Trading with an edge

In order to be a successful trader, you need to understand that trading starts with having an edge in the markets.


The biggest mistake new traders make is assuming that making sole use of things such as indicators will allow them to become a successful trader. There is much more to it. The basis of trading starts with identifying an edge in the market.


What is a trading edge?


trading edge  can be described as a set of conditions that when followed religiously over a series of Trades, gives a higher probability of account being profitable.


Fundamentally, winning and losing trades are randomly distributed, and a trader must take multiple trades to ensure they incorporate winning ones. If you base a series of trades on an edge that you have identified, then the probability of being Profitable after taking series of trades increases over time.






What new aspiring traders should first understand is a particular nature of probability that each individual event is statistically independent of every other events. In other words each trading setup or opportunity will not be affected by past setups or affect futures setups – Each setup has a random outcome. However once we understand that, we can use it to our advantage and similarly how casinos use it to their advantage. If you can get the odds in your favour and there is a large enough sample size of events, events that produces random outcomes can produce consistent results. is a site which also provides


to analyse and identify Pair trade opportunities between highly co related stocks traded in NSE in the future segment. Also, we provide trade management tool for pair trading where one can track the Profit and Loss of trades executed.

Pair trading is a market neutral strategy which enables traders to be profitable in all market conditions such as uptrend, downtrend or sideways movement. This strategy involves statistical arbitrage of two highly correlated stocks preferably in the same segment having the same macro dynamics, which has temporarily diverged i.e. one stock moves up while the other moves down, the pairs trade would be to short the outperforming stock and to long the underperforming one, betting that the pair would converge. The divergence in the pair could be caused by temporary supply/demand changes, large buy/sell orders for one stock, reaction for important news about one of the companies, and so on. Pairs trading strategy demands good position sizing, market timing, and decision making skill.


Subscription Packages

Our service of sharing our Proprietary Trades in Equity Cash and Futures segment are starting in the future.

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